audrey kawasaki (i_seldom_do) wrote,

Memai print

this is a notice that the 'Memai' print will be available for purchase
on Saturday, September 15th. 3:00pm Pacific Time.
all the details


price is $125
edition of 150
the print is 10.5" x 17.5" on 13" x 19" sheet
shipping is: $20 in CA, $25 in the rest of the US, $30 to
canada, $35 to europe & australia.

if you are interested in ordering, send an email to
right after the clock strikes 3pm Pacific Time.
(6pm Eastern US / 12pm in Hawaii / 8am in Sydney / 6am in Melbourne /
midnight in Paris)

-there are 80 prints available so only the first people to respond
will be sent Paypal instructions.
-there is a **limit of one per person** and we will void the order if
anyone is caught using different emails to get more than one print.
-please note that we WILL NOT be responding to everyone who sends a
request. if you get a response, please pay immediately after receiving
the instructions.
-the prints are ready and will be in the mail by 9/19.


we decided to sell prints this way
so people can know in advance and be more prepared.


the next print will be 'Mizuame'
so if you miss this one, there's always the next one. ;)


Nucleus show is coming up tomorrow.
will post scans and images in a bit.

also i have a little write up in Vogue Australia!
and~ one of my favorites, Gemma Ward, is on the cover. lovely~ :)
(Thankyou to Kelly Smith for the scans.)
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