audrey kawasaki (i_seldom_do) wrote,
audrey kawasaki

in progress.

some in-progress teaser pics of my 'Hajimari' solo show
coming up at Jonathan Levine Gallery in NY this coming Saturday.

will post full images of all pieces after opening night happens. ;)

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I think in progress pics are so fascinating, thank you for sharing these!
I agree. I especially love the pics of you working. (I'm so glad world-fame hasn't stopped you from posting!)

How do you think of the color scheme for each piece?


4 years ago

i love your kitten! and can't wait to go to the opening :)
your best yet. good god these are amazing.


8 years ago

Wow, thank you for sharing this. I love seeing artist's work space. It's neat!
Audrey, they all are Gorgeous! Beautiful works... What else can be said. You are improving everytime... and every new painting is better then previous!
stunning. Really, these are the most magical and haunting I've ever seen. <3 <3 <3 <3
they're all so amazing.
it's so neat to see the process.
I'm definitely going to be checking out your show. The pieces are for sale, right? I'd be interested to know what price range these would be in - any chance you could post or email some details on that? Thanks!


December 9 2009, 16:48:28 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  December 9 2009, 16:53:18 UTC

love it all <3!!!!
Come to Spain for an exhibition, please. These are amazing, I'm in total awe.
Yay! I'm so going again and again and again :)
Well done!
:D looks great, good luck!
да, очень интересно. спасибо.
You are an amazing artist. I get goosebumps looking at your art. I hope someday, I can go to one of your shows!
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