audrey kawasaki (i_seldom_do) wrote,
audrey kawasaki

.."Restlessly Still"..

full and close up images of pieces from the show "Restlessly Still" @ Merry Karnowski Gallery.
show runs from July 30 - August 27, 2011
see previous post for more details.

'Enrapture' 24"x24" oil and graphite on wood panel

'Deeper' 24"x18" oil and graphite on wood panel

'Charlotte' 24"x24" oil and graphite on wood panel

'Lili and her Ghosts' 24"x24" oil and graphite on wood panel

'Where I Rest' 24"x36" oil and graphite on wood panel

'She Wind' 16"x16" oil and graphite on wood panel

'Prince of Horns' 12"x12" oil and graphite on wood panel

'Margery' 6"x7" ink and graphite on hand cut paper

'Lillian' 6"x7" ink and graphite on hand cut paper

'Alyssa' 6"x7" ink and graphite on hand cut paper

'Shaela' 6"x7" ink and graphite on hand cut paper

~ opening night ~

more opening night photos should be up on Merry Karnowski site soon.

~ in progress ~

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I love the in-progress photos as much as I love seeing the final compositions. ♥

as always wonderful work audrey!
amazing work :) wish I could go to your shows
These are so amazing, I really wish you'd make prints of 'Where I Rest', it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. <3
wow so amazing :D
you surpass itself


July 31 2011, 23:34:34 UTC 6 years ago

You're improving in every work you make! These are really lovely! Keep it up! :)
I am fascinated by Charlotte and Prince of Horns (and the pun is brilliant ;))!

Deleted comment

I like the new perspective/angles you're using with their bodies.

THE CAT PAINTING. Let us see it!!!
seriously, these are amazing.
"She Wind" really stands out -- I mean, I love them all, but something about the blue, and the feathers... I really, really love this one. I hope she'll be a print someday.
Where I Rest is STUNNING. Is it too late for that to be the time limited print instead of Charlotte? haha

I feel like Enrapture is a new perspective from most of your prev works, it's like I'm looking at a picture of the girl at an angle, instead of at a girl from an angle. I'm not sure how to put it.

The intricate details in Where I Rest, Deeper and Enrapture are what stands out the most to me here :) The balance between the whimsicality of the girls and the solid 'rooted' details is perfect. Your work goes from strength to strength, truly.


August 1 2011, 00:41:12 UTC 6 years ago

I agree!

I am absolutely captivated by Where I Rest. Please please make this into a print!


Paper cuts


August 1 2011, 01:45:01 UTC 6 years ago

Hi Audrey,

I like the paper cuts.
Can you please share with us what type of paper you are using and the type of knife you use for the cutting?
its on pastel paper (comes in different toned colors) and then just used xacto knife to cut it. :)

Re: Paper cuts


6 years ago

Re: Paper cuts


6 years ago

Breathtaking Audrey my dove!!!! I adore the paper cut out girls... They are so beautiful!!! And Where I Rest and The Prince of Horns and Lili and Enraptured... Ok, I love them all... I wish I was in LA... I loved meeting you in NYC last year.. I wish I'd had the pleasure again in LA
"Where I Rest" is giving me honest-to-goodness goosebumps. Incredibly beautiful work, as always.
Wow, gorgeous works! My favourites are 'Lili and her Ghosts' and 'Prince of Horns'. I hope that someday, you'll sell prints of these.
Lili and her Ghosts may be my favorite of yours yet! I would love to see this come to either a print or maybe a Gela skin!



August 1 2011, 04:53:56 UTC 6 years ago

Congrats, on another successful show. Your work is getting better and better, can't wait to see what you have in store for your Oct. show (man your two shows this year are very close together). Think there will be any colabs?
These are all so beautiful that it hurts. Really, whatever reservations you had about this particular series and its reflection on you emotionally, the sheer beauty of that condition is undeniable. Haunting and inspiring.
so beautiful, as always!! Congrats on another wonderful show : ) So inspiring!
i wish i had those wonderful books you've got there!)
These are all amazing! Thanks for posting!
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