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Hint Mints!!

We are pleased to announce this year's Hint Mint Artist Series!!

Some past artists they've worked with (shown above) are:
Lola, James Jean, Gary Baseman, and Glenn Barr.

for 2012 I've done 5 different designs,
and will be released in spring/summer.
more info coming soon!

for updates check Hint Mint FB page.
they will be posting a preview image every week.

here's a couple previews theyve released so far:

"Sophia" chocolate mint flavor

"Lillian" mint flavor

in progress pics (taken with iphone to my Audkawa Instagram)

stay tuned!
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Affordable Art Fair

~~ The Affordable Art Fair is coming to LA!! ~~
January 18th~22nd.

"Presenting contemporary art priced from $100 - $10,000, with half of the work under $5,000,
the Affordable Art Fair will present original, contemporary works to entice the entire L.A. community."

Open studios, talks, workshops and more!!
full program HERE

more info visit: Affordable Art Fair and Thinkspace Gallery

i will have a piece at the Thinkspace Gallery booth.

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i havent been able to update my blogs recently.
but i update my Instagram pretty frequently.
(Instagram can be used on iphones, and its a fun way to share photos. it's like a fusion of Twitter & Flickr.)

find me there: audkawa

if you dont have an iphone, you can check here:

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"In the Wake of Dreams"

opening night happend last Saturday
"In the Wake of Dreams" at Thinkspace Gallery
with Stella Im Hultberg, Mari Inukai, and Amy Sol.

the show will be up till October 29th, so if you happen to be in the area please stop by. ;)

you can see everyones pieces HERE.
and pics of opening night at Thinkspace's facebook page HERE.

it was a super fun night! i like the 4 four of us showing together so much!
Thankyou to everyone who came out to the show, and to everyone who showed support! :)

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