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days of worky work work.
a few groups shows coming up early febuary.

02/03-'Untitled Love Project' by .ISM magazine. info here.
02/10-Charity auction for The Alliance For Children's Rights
@ Corey Helford gallery. info here.
02/17-Inaugural Show 'Elevation' @ Limited Addiction gallery. info here.

the charity show is pretty interesting.
someone bought 100 vintage (already painted) paint-by-number painitngs.
and artists are asked to transform them.
(amazing line-up by the way!)

i got this:

and made this:

now that i look at it tho,
i could have gone crazier with it.

i told myself im gonna be more experimental and wilder when i have the chance.
but i keep going back to the same somewhat-somber-melancholy feel...
i guess its a phase. and there's no way to force myself out of it.


so today
i felt like rambling here.
i dont write much personal things.
but after reading other people's blogs,
i felt inspired to do the same.

today i made a 'omuraisu' for the first time.
it was tasty.

we also got the 'Wario-Smooth Moves' for Wii.
i love the wii.

cant wait for Katamari to come out on the wii. omgomgomg

i am in a total nostalgic japanese stuff kick lately.

i spent about $120 on manga books the other day.
like 'Nana' and 'Vagabond'.
also 'Pluto' and 'Mushishi' which i havent started yet.

i am also obsessed with Ringo Shiina.
she is so sweet here.
i love her so much. its insane...
and thanks to Mari, i am liking Mr. Children again.
amazing lyrics, that man.

also check this artist out:
Yuka Yamaguchi.
so bazaare. and oh so good.

i daydream alot about having a home,
and completely remodeling and decorating it to my taste.
i am starting a scrap book, of magazine finds of rooms and decor and color and such.
but first i need to upgrade from my tiny studio apartment to a 1bedroom place atleast.

theres alot of travel ahead, i think.
this july we go to Philly and NY (for a show at Lineage gallery).
september of 08 i have a show in Rome, Italy. (!!)
and in 09 i have my first show in NY.
id love to show in austrlia and england one day.


i guess thats about it for now.
rambling feels good once in a while.
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