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lastnight bryan and i had a little project night.
'Otona no Kagaku' (Science for Adult)
is a quartely science magazine in Japan.
each issue comes with a kit,
where you construct all the parts yourself.
this issue is Paper Film Projector.

light in

mirrors in

punchin' holes

and WALA! completion!

tho it ended up being a bit anti-climatic,
since the actual projection was small and dim,
and we couldnt get the frame to display right and aligned.
no decent shots either..

but thats ok!
the process was fun! ;)

these back issues sounds fun too~
Stereo Pinhole Camera kit
Kaleidoscope kit
Star Planetarium kit
Phonograph kit
Radio kit
and a Spy kit!?
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I want one of these,
they sound like ALOT of fun.

That is probably the coolest magazine ever.
You could totally make your own films for that. Imagine all the hand-drawn fun you could have.
oh wow... I want the planetarium kit.
I wonder if I can find that in Japantown in San Francisco
i found this one at Kinokuniya bookstore in LA,
and im sure SF one has them too. ;)


11 years ago

OMG! that's so dope!

i want the stereo pinhole camera kit. i made a pinhole camera out of a fendi bag when i was in school.


Wow, cool! I love building kits, and the science aspect just makes it cooler. How do you get these issues? I really want to build the Star Planetarium...project the night sky in your own room. :O

The final result looks so old-worldy in the photo. Can you make your own animations with this projector? Hehehe.
hey Steph! :) :)

i found this at Kinokuniya bookstore.
i think theres one in NY, near rockefeller center. i think.

im hoping its possible to order back issues too.

and yes, you can definetely make your own animation!
in the magazine, it gives detailed instruction on how you can make your original filmstrip.
it also shows how you can install a bigger light.

oh nice! kozy and I both got the planetarium one awhile back! it's cool but underpowered!
yeah i remember those photos! :)

underpowered, yes.
tho its neat that the book shows you how you install a bigger light.


11 years ago


11 years ago

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11 years ago


11 years ago

Amazing work


May 5 2007, 02:30:41 UTC 11 years ago

I'm Douglas from Brazil, just passing by to say your work makes me feel some things i cant discribe yet... love it, Hope to see it live someday, sorry about my english!




May 5 2007, 02:56:34 UTC 11 years ago

so neat!! i wish it was in english... D:
yeah thats what bryan said.
its amazing how much detail and info is in it.
the people who make this, is majorly dedicated!
crap -- awesome magazine.
looks like fun!
hm. now i just need to master japanese.
did you punch all the holes yourself???

Anyway it looks cool!
its perforated,
but you have to manually punch each one yourself.
this was the most tedious part of it all. :p
im going to the bookstore first thing tomorrow morning. that's rad!
i see that magazine all the time but i never paid attention to it, i thought it was just a magazine.
yeah i thought the same!

oh darn. you are so lucky to be in japan right now.
i miss it so much.
i miss how the people there put so much time and care into the things they do and create. everything just feels so special! :)
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