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oh wau! i want that! where did you get it? looks so damn cool! was it from some online store?
i got it from a japanese bookstore, Kinokuniya, in downtown LA.
i havent tried to order it online, tho i think its possible.
oh no, how cool is that..?

and a spy kit for adults..that makes me laugh.
Looks really cool! I was gonna suggest that surely the film should be transparent!? But then realised that it's lit from the front, which is pretty unorthodox. Are you gonna try and print your own films for it? :)
yeah i didnt know of paper film till now.

i would make my own film,
only if i installed a brighter light.


11 years ago

looks like a lota work.. and fun!
show us the spy kit when you have it :)
wow!! that's so cool!! i should find me one of those! what a great idea (even if it didnt work so well). it looks like it was a lot of fun to assemble! :)
oh definetely!
it totally reminded me of a kids magazine i use to get
where it comes with a 'furoku'-a make yourself craft toy thingy.
like this and this.
even Ribon has little girly tidbitty fun stuffs inside every issue.
oh~ how i miss those days~ *_*


11 years ago


11 years ago

Wow! Those look like serious fun!

Although.... ... .. . I bet I'd mess it up if I tried. ; ;

i believe we must have radioactive brainwaves synced

because it's my birthday today and a friend of mine gave me that exact same kit! i haven't opened it yet but thanks to your lovely pictures i am aching to try this out *
omg wow!
what a crazy coincidinct!
the thing is crazy fun to make.
have fun! and happy birthday! :) :)
i need to get this kit!
hey, i love your artwork, and wanted to let you know that i think someone else does too... a little too much.
some of these just really seem to rip on your style, thought you should know.

ah~ thanks for the headsup!

tho im in no position to claim it as a ripoff.
i think its inevitable that people can be inspired/influenced by other.

ooh, I'd love the pinhole one!
(I added you, I think your work is amazing)
i like your icon. :)


11 years ago

Wow, that's so neat!
Even if the end results were disappointing, the projector you made is a thing of beauty in itself. Good work!
Do you know if this mag is available in the UK (London) ?

Re: Beautiful


May 12 2007, 03:15:19 UTC 11 years ago

You can buy it at eBay for $US29.99.Cinedux
the magz is sooo cool!and the idea is inspired.

i havent been on LJ for a while
so i had to catch up

you are awesome :D

my work peeps are really enjoying
your stuff right now

I forgot to tell you that I bought the Japaneses female drawings book that you in it, I was exited!
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