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Hi, I stumbled across your lj after seeing some of your beautiful work in an email interview posted somewheres. You are doing some amazing drawings, of which I can't wait to see more! I am a "retired" art student myself, and I really admire your focus! so I'm adding you ;D.



May 22 2007, 17:40:53 UTC 11 years ago

What a great thing.
Works it with films (the light goes thrue the film to the lens)
or does the light are reflectet from the film paper to the lens?
how much does it cost in Euro €?

Great projekt!!!!!
it's absolutely wonderful, that magazine and the projector.

I didn't know such a small one existed, I would love to have one for my videos, so many possibilities!

is there no way to get my hands on this magazine? and can you re-order past issues?

I can't express how amazing I think this is, and how useful it would be. I'm addicted to projectors.
ohh wow!! thank you so much!!! I'm so happy there's at leas one out there:)))

I love your paintings by the way (like you haven't heard that before) but it's true.

Although you often paint on wood, I really enjoyed a recent one you did on canvas, the way you painted that forest was lovely; I'm a sucker for brush strokes.<333

wish you much much more sucess in the future!
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