audrey kawasaki (i_seldom_do) wrote,
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we are pleased to announce a new print, Mizuame (seahorse),
will be available this saturday, November 3rd at 3pm pacific.

this time we are doing something we've never done before
- a TIME limited edition instead of a regular limited edition.
the print will be available for exactly one hour,
and anyone who sends an email during that time will be guaranteed a print.

Thanks to everyone for your input on this post.
i just think everyone who wants a print should have a chance to own one.

so this is a special offer and we don't plan on doing it often.
after this, the prints will go back to limited editions of 100-200.

more info


to order a print, send an email to on
November 3rd between 3pm and 4pm pacific time.
(for the exact time in your time zone click

size: 15"x18.75" print on a 16"x20" sheet
price: $100 / US shipping included (please add $10 shipping for int'l orders)
we ship the prints flat in cardboard anywhere UPS or USPS will deliver.

the rules:
-limit of one per person
-no orders will be accepted outside of 3-4pm pacific time on 11/3/07
-since the edition number won't be known until after the sale, please
allow up to 5 weeks for shipping.

we plan to have everything shipped by 12/7/07 so you will receive them
before the holidays.

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