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.pressure printing.

i have been working with Brad Keech at Pressure Printing on a very special limited edition of prints.

Brad specializes in individually hand printed, fine quality prints,
using traditional print making methods on mostly antique handpresses.

past projects include:

James Jean's "Taciturn" & Mark Ryden's "Maddona & Karl"
both are very beautiful in person.
(the makings of "Madonna and Karl" here.)

my print will be an intaglio print from an exclusive and original drawing.
we are also going to be adding some very special and unique touches to the prints
and mounting them into completely handmade frames.

Brad sent me some photos of the frames he's been working on. all hand made.

just a little glimpse of the drawing.

i will also be painting in a slight rosy color in the cheeks and lips.

we are still working on these and dont know the exact date of release.
ive never had such high-quality hand prints made before, so its quite exciting.


i bought these colored pencils months ago...
and theyve just been sitting there...
i also bought a brown tinted sketchbook months ago...
that too has just been sitting there...

havent kept a sketchbook in a reeeeeally long time somehow.
so... i gave it a shot.

i love how i can get a bit sloppy/aggressive on these.
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