audrey kawasaki (i_seldom_do) wrote,
audrey kawasaki

italy --> home

we are back!
the whole experience in Italy was all very stimulating and magical!
walking through the streets, the architecture and the vibe was just so picturesque and dreamy.
(i was reminded of the city in Kiki's Delivery a lot.)
everyday was new and unique and just full of so much to see and do.
so much culture. so much history.
it was actually a bit overwhelming sometimes to really take everything 'in'.
too may photo taken. this is just a snipit.

first, some photos from the show.

Alessandro and Gloria from the gallery. Leah and Matt. Bryan and me.

(above by Evandro Inetti)

~ Rome ~

we stayed at an apartment a block away from Piazza Novano.

The Forum.

The Colosseum.

Basilica di Sant Eustachio.

Trevi Fountain.

Foooooooood. and Prosecco almost everynight. :p

nighttime drinks.

i tried to keep a note of all the little differences i noticed in Italy compared to the US.

~no drip coffee like we are used to here. espresso and cappuccino are the norm. very strong.
common to drink it standing at the cafe/bar counter. to-go is not too common.
~finding iced coffee was difficult.
~iced drinks in general are not common. you have to ask for ice usually.
~when asking for water at restaurants, let them know 'natural' or they will most likely bring bubbled water.
~no tipping is a bit strange.
~its veryvery hard to find non-italian restaurants.
growing up in LA where there is sooo much variety in foods, this came to me as a bit of a struggle.
~many restrooms sinks have foot pedals for the release of water. (which is a splendid idea!).
~you pay about 50cents for public restrooms. (there is someone there for you to pay) so the toilettes are always extra clean.
~in showers. very soft water. hair silky smooth and light.
~tiny little cutey cars everywhere!
~some streets have no lanes. 3 or 4 lanes wide and no lines. some crazy drivers. a lot of close calls, and no hits.
and then some streets are so narrow a single car can barely drive through. but they somehow manage.
~so many beeeeeautiful european women! so many double take looks. ;P
i saw a handful of them that look like my girls.
~i am very popular amongst italian mosquitoes.

im sure i can think of more.

more photos to come!
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