audrey kawasaki (i_seldom_do) wrote,
audrey kawasaki

Drawing Room prep

preparation for The Drawing Room group show is coming along nicely.
the opening night is this friday!!! (11/7)
there are some extraordinary pieces in this show by fellow artists.
all are very strong lovely pieces, and i am so excited for all to see!

i've been working on the front room installation for the past couple nights..
it is suppose to represent an artist's workspace/studio/nook,
and it pretty much turned out to be a duplicate of my own.
i can practically live there!

(this photo by Marcus from Arrested Motion.)
more photos here...Collapse )

i will post all images of pieces after the opening night.

if you can make it to the show, please do stop by!
just a warning that parking is a bit tough to find around the neighborhood on opening night.
but dont let that get you down! ;)

more info and sneak peaks:
~Sour Harvest Blog one
~Sour Harvest Blog two
~Sour Harvest Blog three (about exclusive prints)
~Sour Harvest Blog four
~Arrested Motion Blog
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