audrey kawasaki (i_seldom_do) wrote,
audrey kawasaki

Opening Night Photos~

The Drawing Room opening night was insane!!
sooo many people showed up to view the show. unbelievable!
there was a line outside around the block just to get in!!

here are some opening night photos i collected from various sources.

~below photos from Notcot.~

~below photos from Arrested Motion.~

~below photos from Jason Levesque (Stuntkid)'s flickr.~

(from left) Timothy Karpinski, Catherine Cambell, Travis Louie, Eveline Tarunadjaja, me,
Catherine Brooks, Gary Baseman, Mari Inukai, Jason Levesque, .

~below photos from Lauren Noble's flickr.~

Nomi Chi and Meg Hunt.

Fumi Nakamura and Irana Douer.

Liza Corbett.

Brian Viveros.

Laura Laine.

Catherine Brooks and Eric Thomas Bostrom.

Jessica McCourt and Amy Earles.

Mari Inukai.

Lilly Piri.

Jason Levesque (aka Stuntkid).

Julia Heglund and Laruen Albert.

Eveline Tarunadjaja, Brandi Milne, and Catherine Cambell.

Travis Louie.


Stella Im Hultberg.

Amy Sol.

Joao Ruas.

Timothy Karpinski.

see the rest of his pieces here.

~below photos from Thinkspace flickr.~

Thinkspace's Andrew Hosner, Tim Karpinsky, Catherine Brooks, friend, and Eveline.

Eric Thomas Bostrom and Nomi Chi

Travis Louie and Brandi Milne

Jason Levesque, Eric Thomas Bostrom, and Thinkspace's Shawn.

Kukula, Nouar , and Travis Louie.

Leah, me, and Cat. me and Brian Viveros.

Gary Baseman and i. Mari and i.

~a write-up at Arrested Motion~

~a write-up by Jean from Notcot~

~a full coverage at Sour Harvest~

~and plenty of opening night photos at Thinkspace's flickr~
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