audrey kawasaki (i_seldom_do) wrote,
audrey kawasaki

Baby Tattooville 09'

(above photos from Arrested Motion)

so~~.. i am back home now!
still recovering from the Baby Tattooville extravaganza that took place last weekend.
i cant seem to find the right words to wrap it all up,
but i was super happy to be there.
its so rare to have an opportunity to spend good quality time (or just be in the same room)
with top artists i deeply respect, along with fans and attendees and supporters.
i hope everyone enjoyed it there. Thankyou for coming out and sharing good times. :)

i didnt get a chance to take any photos through out the event,
so if youre curious check out these links
(tons and tons of photos and details.):
~~Arrested Motion's full Baby Tattooville coverage~~
~~Brandi Milne's blog post~~
~~Ken Harman's (Arrested Motion crew) flickr~~
~~Kedowning's flickr~~

my contribution to the give away gift bag.
laser engraved wooden ovals with one of a kind drawings with colored pencil. 4"x 4.5".

painting i made for this year's “X in one” print,
a complimentary limited edition giclee featuring the art of all participating BT artists.

"I Want to Play" 17'x21"
the theme was medical curiosities.

also on the last night of the event, there was an epic elaborate spooky scavenger hunt
that took place throughout the maze like corridors of the Mission Inn.
ended with this old photo of the artists.

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