audrey kawasaki (i_seldom_do) wrote,
audrey kawasaki

thank you! -and- brooch availability


wanted to put a note out there since we got a number of emails asking if more brooches will ever be available.
we realized there might be a percentage of people assuming that they're sold out without checking.
there are still a small number of brooches available for purchase on the shop!
this was a large number of items, and a very different beast from the normal print sales.

just wanted to say thankyou thankyou to everyone who ordered a brooch! :D
orders are being processed and packaged currently,
and we want to get them out to everyone as soon as possible,
BUT please understand that this is a very very small operation.
only one person (with occasional help from a second person) is handling the production, packaging, sales, processing, customer service, and shipping.. for all domestic and international orders!

this is the reason we put in the announcement for customers to "please allow up to 3-4 weeks to be shipped"
it's a larger number of items being handled by a smaller team.
so thankyou for being understanding and patient with the speed of these shipments! :)
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