audrey kawasaki (i_seldom_do) wrote,
audrey kawasaki

.."Restlessly Still"..

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August 1 2011, 14:55:20 UTC 6 years ago

my tears fell when 'she wind' appeared in front of me in this blogroll.
the melancholy and the natural strength, your paintings have such impact to the people who witnessed it like a big storm of emotions.

you and your girls and boys are amazing.
Beautiful work as always. I'm glad you keep this journal so that we can appreciate the work that you do.


August 1 2011, 17:11:26 UTC 6 years ago

Stunning work as always <3


August 1 2011, 19:17:53 UTC 6 years ago

Gorgeous. What book do I see laying under one of the in-progress shots? I would love to know!
This might actually be my favourite set of yours you've ever done.
your artwork is stunning!
So obscenely gorgeous. Love ocean themed girls!
I am in love love love with Deeper and Where I Rest. I hope you do more paintings in the style of these two they are truly stunning! I would love to own a print of these! x
hello~ I think it's my first comment here but I'm always impressed by your art. It's so beautiful, so precise and clear, I love it! and it's nice to see a man for once among all those nice women ;)
amazing works!
Audrey you works just seem to get better as I continue to watch your blog showing more work that literally stuns me with beauty and depth its holds. you're just so inspiring - "enrapture" "deeper" and "where i rest" are my favourites of the pieces as well as the cut outs. May I just ask what books you used as reference (or pictures) for the skeletons in 'Charlotte' and the horns in the 'prince of horns' pieces. thanks
素敵な素敵な作品を Web で公開して下さりありがとうございます。ホンモノを買いたいです!
you are my hero :D i am like your biggest fannnn (=^x^=) <3
I love your latest works, Audrey! Your works are such an inspiration!!!
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