audrey kawasaki (i_seldom_do) wrote,
audrey kawasaki

"In the Wake of Dreams"

4 girls show is coming up next Saturday!!
"In the Wake of Dreams"
... Stella Im Hultberg ... Mari Inukai ... Audrey Kawasaki ... Amy Sol ...

@Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles.
opening reception October 8th 2011.

all four artists will be attending this night!

this will be sort of a reunion show. the four of us showed at Compound Gallery back in 2007.
this is where we all first met met, and have kept in touch ever since.

it will be a good fun show!!
please come by! :)

some sneak peaks and more info and pics here.
i believe there will be exclusive print set editions as well.
please contact the gallery for more info.
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