audrey kawasaki (i_seldom_do) wrote,
audrey kawasaki

"HomeRoom" @ Subtext Gallery 11/11/11

group show "Homeroom" at Subtext Gallery in San Diego
is coming up next Saturday 11/11/11

(curated by Christina Conway)
(above image by Soey Milk)

20 Artists Re-Imagine Works from Their Childhood.
we took a drawing we did when we were wee little and re-interpreted it in our current style.
lots of fun! dont miss it!

sneak peak of mine. my 3 year old drawing.
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That's such a cool concept for a show. Looking forward to seeing everyone's work.
That is such an awesome concept for an exhibition, love it! Wish i could get to see it, in the wrong country unfortunately.

Deleted comment

Wish I were there. Too far...
This is one of the rare times I wished I were in San Diego
This looks like such an awesome concept ♥ If only I lived in the US ):
it makes me happy to see such a cute and meaningful concept.
can't wait to see the final piece :)
this is a great idea for a show!
Awesome idea :)
this looks like it would be a really cool show. looking forward to seeing the final works
it's great idea!
I'd like to see results online, I live too far from the place.
Wow! What that little princess is holding in her hand, I dare not say ^___^ No offence, your drawing is cute! Those hearts above! ♡♡♡ It's a surprise though it's not different from what so many children draw, and then you grew into a real artist...
I'm looking forward to this one :)
May I ask: what reference books do you use for your heart pictures? It's such a pain always having to google heart-pictures and finding nothing :/
Lots of love!
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