audrey kawasaki (i_seldom_do) wrote,
audrey kawasaki

Affordable Art Fair

~~ The Affordable Art Fair is coming to LA!! ~~
January 18th~22nd.

"Presenting contemporary art priced from $100 - $10,000, with half of the work under $5,000,
the Affordable Art Fair will present original, contemporary works to entice the entire L.A. community."

Open studios, talks, workshops and more!!
full program HERE

more info visit: Affordable Art Fair and Thinkspace Gallery

i will have a piece at the Thinkspace Gallery booth.

"Let Me" 12"x14"
graphite and colored pencil on handcut paper.

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Audrey, you are beautiful !!!
wow! so cool...
Are all of those diamonds hand-cut???
I've heard a lot about the thinkspace gallery but I live on the east coast. What can you tell me about it?


January 17 2012, 14:05:35 UTC 6 years ago

It's beautiful!
Only her side parting... is somehow.. strange/long.
So, the fact that she is legless and floating among horns and tusks is not strange? :)
Of course it's strange, that's kind of her aesthetic. It's different, and yes, beautiful. It's amazing.

Wish I could buy this!
Ten grand is almost a third of my ANNUAL income. Sweet jeez, wish I could say that's "affordable".
Wahhh, I love the giant poofy hair! >_<
I never tire of your work :)
I wish $10,000 was my idea of affordable! Gorgeous work, though!
I like that "affordable" is more than I made last year. =p
That is truly an amazing piece. I love your papercuts.
Wish I could be there, I'd buy it!
Красивая +)
:3 I love how you only used a dash of yellow and the rest just grays and white.
You always inspire me with the level of detail that you put into your art! :)
really master level!
nice pictures!
good luck!