audrey kawasaki (i_seldom_do) wrote,
audrey kawasaki

new blog!

I have decided to make the move!

my new blog is up!

find me there from now on.

Thank you Livejournal for the 8 years.
we have gone through soooo much together. :)
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Awwww! Leaving the el jay! So sad! But your new blog rocks!
So sad! Will you be offering an RSS feed that can be syndicated on LJ?
That would be a great idea!
Added you on Google Reader, so I won't miss your updates. XDD
Same here. :-)
Your new blog is a beautiful place to be!
I am devastated that you're leaving us. I will follow you there, though.
Aww, sorry to hear you're leaving LJ but I'll follow your new blog. Love the news about the print being available :D
will of course follow your new blog ^^ ♥
can't blame you. in the last years LJ has become quite dead and many artists have left to blogspot or wordpress, etc.
thinking of doing the same step forward. see you on the other side!
i´ll follow you new blog! :)
I'll definitely be following the new blog!
Ohhh, it's lovely! Bookmark'd.
Thank you!


6 years ago

The blog looks great, but the best part of LiveJournal is having all your favorite bloggers in one place. It drives me nuts having to chase down everyone I like to read about, and frankly it means I don't follow most of them after a while. I do follow you on Google+, and I am a huge fan, so I can wish you nothing but luck and fortune, of course! But I will miss your work around here.
Gosh, Aud, those vellum pieces are absolutely gorgeous.
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