July 22nd, 2007

she who

just a couple notices

~those of you who purchased the prints from the last run,
('Oiran' 'Odaijini' and 'Ishiki')
im just finishing signing them,
and so they will be sent out early this week.
Thankyou for your patience. :)

~the next set of prints,
i said, will be released this month,
but its going to be delayed just a bit
to get caught up on everything.
but it is coming soon!

~also there's been a mis-numbering on a print 'Aisai'
that was included in the exclusive print set from the Smitten show at Thinkspace gallery.
its only a run of 50, though id written 100. my apologies.

i came across the works of Vania Zouravliov through the 'Black Magic, White Noise' book.
his work is sooo~ chillingly beautiful~.

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