October 6th, 2007

she who


Last night i watched "Tekkon Kinkreet".
an anime film, directed by Michael Arias,
adapted from a manga series "Black and White" by Taiyō Matsumoto.

im not too too keen on anime, and havent watched enough to compare,
but i was pretty much blown away by the cinematography and the background art.
Shinji Kimura (the art director) and his staff are so gifted,
it makes me crazy in the head just trying to imagine how its all done.
its such a visual spectacle to me.
the color schemes are based on advertisements of 1950's and 1960's japan.
and has a nostalgic retro feel.

Michaels says, "I'm not sure if it's due to the printing materials or the inks they were using, but there's a very peculiar flavor to the graphic design of the '50s and '60s in Japan, and we thought that would be a nice way of evoking this era that's gone by or just lives on only in this one little town."

i went and got the ArtBook today,
since i just had to see all the images at hand.
and now, i am oh~ing and ah~ing at every page.
(250 pages of them!)
the attention to details is just exquisite!
its baffling to me, that some images these artists works on for hours and days and weeks even,
are only visible on film for a mere few seconds.
i really admire that level of dedication.

i had to scan a few here.
(though these scans dont do the book justice)
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