October 6th, 2009

she who

Baby Tattooville 09'

(above photos from Arrested Motion)

so~~.. i am back home now!
still recovering from the Baby Tattooville extravaganza that took place last weekend.
i cant seem to find the right words to wrap it all up,
but i was super happy to be there.
its so rare to have an opportunity to spend good quality time (or just be in the same room)
with top artists i deeply respect, along with fans and attendees and supporters.
i hope everyone enjoyed it there. Thankyou for coming out and sharing good times. :)

i didnt get a chance to take any photos through out the event,
so if youre curious check out these links
(tons and tons of photos and details.):
~~Arrested Motion's full Baby Tattooville coverage~~
~~Brandi Milne's blog post~~
~~Ken Harman's (Arrested Motion crew) flickr~~
~~Kedowning's flickr~~

my contribution to the give away gift bag.
laser engraved wooden ovals with one of a kind drawings with colored pencil. 4"x 4.5".
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