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audrey kawasaki

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April 5th, 2011

. Artists Help Japan . [Apr. 5th, 2011|09:19 pm]
audrey kawasaki

~ Ema Art Auction for Artists Help Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Fund - Give2Asia ~

my friend, Christina Conway, has organized an art auction to help Japan.
artists were asked to paint on an 'ema', which are small wooden tablets left at Japanese shrines,
usually with an image on one side and a handwritten wish or prayer on the other.

see more info here.
see the auctions here.

more artists are being added daily.
(just got word that Edwin Ushiro, Stella Im Hultberg, Ken Garduno, and more are being added.)
so, be sure to check back!

the whole point of this is to raise money and help spread awareness.
its NOT about getting a good deal "steal", so please be generous and bid when you see something you like.
"It's about contributing to an important cause and getting a "Thank You" in return with original art. These are talented artists that donated 100% of their time, creativity and proceeds for help with the recovery of Japan due to the recent Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Reactor Emergencies. Please bid generously and avoid "sniping". MANY MANY THANKS! ~Sincerely, Christina Conway/Curator"

6"x4" oil and graphite and ink on wood panel
you can bid for this piece here.

Thankyou to Christina and artists and everyone who helped support!!!
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